An Online TV with programs that target every audience (Kids,Teens,Youth,Women and Men)within the society.
It’s varied programs that cuts across different issues both positive and negative seeks to find solutions as well as restore hope and inspirations among the different target audiences.
This is the first TV Channel of its own kind in Kenya that gives youth especially those from informal settlements the opportunity to Produce,direct,Script,Edit and also be the technical crew in different programmes .
Through this TV Channel stories that aim at educating,informing as well as entertaining the society are produced.

These are some of our main programs

This show seeks to expose raw untapped talents that exist in the informal settlements within the society.Youth,Kids Persons with disabilities,women,and elderly are all endowed with great talents that are less know out there.

An interactive show that highlights great stories that affects women in the society.This show captures stories on social,economic,environmental ,cultural as well as political circles

The greatest percentage of our population comprise of youth.
This is ialso the age bracket with great potential and abilities to change the world.
Unfortunately they are the most prone to all manners of vulnerabilities.
This Show highlights the struggles and successes of the youth and what their challenges are in their effort to fit and make impact in the society

Most teenagers in most families especially in the informal settlements undergoes myriad challenges both at school and at home.This show shares these stories from different teenagers and what they feel the relevant authorities should do to address them.
The show also engages the relevant authorities In articulating what they do to address such matters