DATES 17TH NOV. 23RD NOV. 2019

On the way from Nairobi, the buses carrying participants made their way through the Great Rift Valley where they made a stopover at the viewpoint for the team to marvel at the sceneries that has been created this phenomena

They made pictures and posed for photo as some took selfies .Just nearby was the curio kiosks that sold traditional artifacts that depict different communities.

Cinemadamare Africa Chapter 2019 had a memorable entry in Kisumu.

The county government prepared a grand ceremony that ushered us in to Kisumu City with Luo cultural traditional performances.

As African cultural belief especially in this part of Kenya there was a heavy downpour that forced us to wait in our buses for close to 45 minutes.This was a great blessing according to luo culture.  

Participants had to brave the rain to dance to the traditional tune of the nyatiti,an 8 stringed instrument typical of this region..  Photos of dances

Participants were treated to the rare chance of luo dance which they enjoyed until they had to be requested to settle down for the officails to begin the program.

The county director for youth and culture Mr. Otieno made his welcome remarks and told the participants that the county felt blessed since the guest have come accompanied with a heavy rain .He exuded confidence in the team that they will enjoy their stay and film amazing stories that will put Kisumu county on the global radar as the place to be.

The county governor H.E. Prof. Peter Anyang Nyongo who is also the father to the Hollywood Oscars winner –Lupita Nyongo and his Minister for youth,sports  and culture Hon. Achie Alai were unable to attend since they had another function but promised they will be with the team the next day.  Photos during event,Lupita Nyongo

After the speeches,entertainments and refreshments, the team were led to their accommodation venue that was about 10 kilometers from the city called Kanyamedha Primary School.  Photos-speakers,participants,clips,links

It was not until Saturday that the governor together with his wife H.E Madam Dothy Nyon’go created time to meet the participants and  assure them of his administration’s support to GPAY’s efforts in bringing this great programto Kenya.He promised to work closely with GPAY and other stakeholders who made this program a success for purposes of seeing it happen again in Kisumu in the  subsequent editions. the event

Prof: Anyang Nyongo – Governor Kisumu County
Madam Dorothy Nyongo– first lady Kisumu County
Prof Anyang Nyongo Governor Kisumu Count, Kisumu County staff and CDM-A participants

Since the next day will be the last day and screening of the films will be showcased to the public,H.E the governor was requested if he would join the public during the screening. During the screening the director for culture and sports together with his team represented the governor.