Launch of Cinemadamare Africa

The launch of Cinemadamare Africa chapter 2019 in Nairobi university

On 12th November 2019,The first ever to come to Africa Cinemadamare Africa Chapter 209 was launched in Nairobi Kenya At the Nairobi University main campus.The launch was attended by film stake holders from the government and private sector, students and Cinemadamare Africa chapter 2019 participants. The government was represented by the Kenya Film and classification board and Kenya Film Commission.

The private sector was represented by Mathew Temple, Director, Script Writer from Holywood, Oliver Litondo, President of Lakewood films and Actor form Holywood, Dr Shem Ochuodho from Diaspora Alliance of Kenya, Pro Nyutho from Nairobi University among many other guests.

The launch was a success as it marked the start of the Cinemadamare Africa Chapter 2019 which was to visit five counties of Kenya, which were Nairobi, Kisumu, Nyandarua, Makueni and Mombasa.